Preparing For Your Sleep Study

A list of specific instructions is typically provided to patients before their arrival at the testing facility, but you may want to consider asking additional questions before your test, such as:

  • Does it matter if I take a nap the day before or the day of the study?
  • Should I refrain from drinking coffee, tea or other caffeinated products or energy drinks? If so, for how many hours before my test?
  • What can I eat before the study? In addition to caffeinated products, are there any other foods/beverages that I should avoid?
  • Should I avoid stimulants, alcohol or sedatives? What about other prescription and non-prescription medications, dietary or herbal supplements? How long before the sleep study should these be discontinued?
  • What should I bring to wear?
  • May a family member or attendant stay with the patient during the study?
  • On the day of the procedure, should I change my cosmetic, skin or hair care routine?
  • Are personal comfort items, such as snacks, a pillow, slippers or robe, allowed?
  • What time will I be able to leave?
  • May I take a shower and dress for work the morning after the study?
  • Will I be able to discuss the results of the study with my doctor before leaving the facility?
  • Will my primary care physician or the sleep specialist take the lead in providing continuing care after the study?

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